Confidential one to one counselling


We all face challenges in our lives whether brought about by long term illness, bereavement, the ending of a relationship, age related changes or even an empty nest. Coming to terms with these changes may feel difficult to manage on your own – you may feel at odds with yourself and others and be struggling to come to terms with what is happening. You may even feel a loss of control over events around you and this could be impacting on important relationships at home or work.


Counselling can begin to offer some insights into how these changes are affecting your life, changes that challenge how you think and feel and may leave you anxious, depressed or isolated.

Being listened to and feeling understood has always been important to me and this is something fundamental to my practice. I offer a calm and supportive place for you to begin to talk about how you feel.

Talking to someone who can listen without judgment or giving advice in a safe and confidential space can make all the difference. Together we can tackle the challenges you are facing and make sense of these experiences and move towards positive change.


MSc Counselling Psychology

Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy


 I have always worked with people and been deeply interested in issues and challenges we face in our daily lives. Firstly in a Human Resources role in business and after qualifying as a Psychologist, my work involved supporting individuals and families who were facing difficult life events. My counselling work has included working with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship breakdown, long term illness, bereavement, disability, trauma and age related changes and challenges.

I studied Psychology at the University of Natal in South Africa and graduated with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. I completed my internship and registered as a Counselling Psychologist with the Health Professions of South Africa.

After moving to West Sussex, I completed a diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and I am accredited and registered with the British Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Apart from private practice I currently work for a cancer charity providing counselling to adults with a cancer diagnosis or their families or carers during treatment and beyond. I also manage and provide online support for a self guided Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programme for anxiety and depression through an Employee Assistance Provider.



My work is underpinned by the psychodynamic approach which means that how we think, feel and behave as adults can be influenced by earlier events. Exploring these experiences will help bring greater understanding to patterns of behaviour that we may not be fully aware of, but may be impacting negatively on our lives in the present.

I work on a short term and opened ended basis and will draw on other approaches if appropriate such as CBT which explores how our thinking may be affecting how we feel and behave and by examining these links we may be able to improve our mood and general wellbeing.

I understand that entering counselling takes courage and I have a deep respect and regard for the level of trust my clients place in me when sharing personal and sensitive issues. As such my professional code of ethics and respect for confidentiality is central to my practice. As a Registered Accredited Member of the British Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling I abide by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice.

It is a requirement of my registration that I have regular supervision and I continue with my professional development by attending regular training and updating of my counselling knowledge and skills.



Telephone: 07796914312



We will work together to make sense of how you are feeling and give you greater choice in how you live your life.